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APRIL-MARINE recommends the AMPLock level of security as a result of our trailer locks have been tested 40x longer to destroy than any mainstream locks.

Our trailer locks are molded to fit tightly a specific coupler shape and size.

This one-of-a-kind design allows to deter a large number of attempts while the most audacious will collide with a wall made of heavy-duty metal. 

Finally, AMPLock multiplies your chance to keep your property as long as you expect!

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5 reasons to protect your boat with AMPLock

High-grade materials only!

Our locks perfectly define what a heavy duty trailer lock should be: made up of stainless steel and ducted cast iron that provide outstanding resistance capacities.

This combination of high-grade materials provides better shock absorption capacities which make it possible to handle huge and repeated impacts by folding instead of breaking, while the heavy mass slow down all cutting attempts.

Advanced security features: more deterrence and durability

Patented mechanism and rotative face to prevent drilling.

Cylinder lock location makes it hard to access for thieves.

E-coat and electrostatic paint as additional treatment to improve rust resistance.

Swivel design to prevent traction when locked.

Tight fit and unique design

Each AMPLock trailer lock has been designed to fit tightly each coupler specific sizes and shapes. It’s one of the key that made our lock so dissuasive and contribute to strengthen its resistance at a level that universal locks can’t reach.

Built to defeat an entire toolbox!

The only locks in capacity to withstand all types of attacks:

Drill, Saw, Torch cut, Hammer, Crowbar, Power tools, Nitrogen liquid and so on.

Long term peace of mind

In addition to incredible resistance capacities, our locks succeed the climate changes hands down. Then, you can enjoy a long term peace of mind with a 5 years warranty on all our trailer locks.